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North-West Institute of Printing Arts of St. Petersburg State University
of Technology and Design

191180, St.Petersburg, per. Djambula 13, tel. 315–72–35
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Faculty of Editing, Advertising, Journalism and Book Trade
The dean

Kuznezova, Yelena Borisovna
assistant professor, PhD

The Faculty trains specialists of humanitarian direction.

The specializations of the faculty connected with editing and book trading suppose literary, economic and technical preparation of published materials and are targeted at editing of books and periodicals and their distribution. For these specialties we offer deep studying of

  • History and modern situation in Russian and foreign book;
  • History of Russian and foreign literature;
  • Social science and psychology;
  • Speech culture and rhetoric

Directions, profiles and specialties of the faculty

Since 2011 the faculty executes admission of students for bachelor programmes in the following directions:

  1. 031300.62 "Journalism";
  2. 035000.62 "Editing" profile Book-Editing;
  3. 035000.62 "Editing" profile Book Distribution;
  4. 031600.62 "Advertising and Public Relations" profile Advertising and Public Relations in commerce.

The terms of education in bachelor programmes — 4 years for day form of studies and 5 — for part-time and extra-mural

Forms of education

  • Full-time (for all specialties),
  • part-time (for all specialties),
  • extra-mural (specialities 030601, 030901, 032401).

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