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North-West Institute of Printing Arts of St. Petersburg State University
of Technology and Design

191180, St.Petersburg, per. Djambula 13, tel/fax 764–65–56

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International Student Winter School
"Printing and Media Industry in St.Petersburg 2012"

Main programm: 20.02−04.03.2012

  1. Basic Spoken Russian — 10 days.
  2. Special features of Russian design.
  3. Geopolitical and national character of modern Russia.
  4. Russian media today: TV, Radio, Newspapers, Electronic media.
  5. Modern German business in St.Petersburg. 
  6. The history of German communities in St.Petersburg.
    Includes sigh-seeing tour around German places of interest.
  7. Business trips to the companies. 
  8. Cross cultural training: Russian and German etiquette. Effective communication. 
  9. Research projects:
    − book marketing in St.Petersburg
    − package design.
  10. Discussion club: Russia and Germany in history. 
  11. Three sightseeing tours around St.Petersburg.

Short programm: 20.02−26.02.2012

  1. Basic Spoken Russian – 5 days.
  2. Special features of Russian design. 
  3. Geopolitical and national character of modern Russia.
  4. Russian media today: TV, Radio, Newspapers, Electronic media.
  5. Three sightseeing tours around St.Petersburg. 

More information

Working hours: 11:00−13:00
Coffee-break: 14:00−16:00

Working languages: English, German.

There are Russian students who take part in the school and can show around about real life in St. Peterburg.

Students pay for the flight, accommodation and food.

Students can choose living in students dormitory or host families.

The participants get certificate.

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