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North-West Institute of Printing Arts of St. Petersburg State University
of Technology and Design

191180, St.Petersburg, per. Djambula 13, tel/fax 764–65–56

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The specifics of the Institute

Publishing today is a very complicated technological process which includes many steps both on pre-press preparation and publication of ready copies. Day after day production of published goods is getting more technological advanced, transforming into an art of high technologies. But even the most advanced modern technological means and materials do not guarantee high-quality result if they are not supported by specialists’ mastership. To get high quality needed are high-qualified professionals trained in specialized educational establishments. The specifics and complicatedness of the tasks solved by the industry do not allow training specialists in a general education university. Moscow State University of Printing Arts and our Institute are the only specialized universities in Russia for this field of industry.

The Institute today

The Institute today is:

  • 2 faculties, Research Centre, Enhanced Retraining Faculty of Continuous Education, Pre-admission Centre, Technical Training and Publishing Centres;
  • More than 2 thousand students, studying full-time, part-time or doing extra-mural courses.
    The annual enrolment is more than 500 students.
    The duration of the whole training since 2011 is 4−5 years;
  • Qualified lecturers and professors;
  • Laboratories, equipped with modern computers and graphic arts machinery, demonstration and training centres;
  • Library;
  • Seminars and conferences;
  • Comfortable hostel.

Since 2011 Institute has been admitting applicants for training specialists in 10 profiles of 8 directions and 1 specialty (graphics) in accordance with Federal State Educational Standards for Higher Professional Education certified by Ministry of Education and Science of Russian Federation and supposing two-level system of higher education: undergraduate (bachelor) and graduate (master).

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