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North-West Institute of Printing Arts of St. Petersburg State University
of Technology and Design

191180, St.Petersburg, per. Djambula 13, tel. 315–06–34
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The Faculty of Printing Technologies and Equipment
Канатенко Михаил Алексеевич
The dean

Kanatenko, Mikhail Alekseevich
assistant professor, PhD in math

The Faculty trains specialists of humanitarian direction.

The graduates usually work at printing houses, salons of fast print, printing and copying centres, pre-press departments, publishing houses, design studios, companies specialized in selling and servicing computerized and computer equipment, companies specialized in consumables and in servicing printing equipment.

The faculty offers academic programmes for more than 1000 students the majority of whom start combining studies with working starting from the 3rd or 4th year of studies.

The faculty possesses a really good laboratory base: 4 computer classes, 2 laboratories equipped with computers for each workshop, a training printing office and some other specific laboratories. Several rooms are equipped with video equipment. A number of practical classes are being held at enterprises of the industry.

The curricula of special courses are adapted to the needs of dynamically developing industry. The practical training and pre-diploma work for engineering specialties is done in the form of work at different enterprises of the industry. That is why many diploma works and projects are connected with the problems of publishing. This ensures easy adaptation of our graduates to the needs of the industry and their successful employment. Our graduates are demanded by the industry and receive good career perspectives.

The basic curriculum includes a profound course of higher mathematics, high-quality education in the sphere of IT technologies, courses in physics, chemistry, electronics, circuit engineering, and theoretical basics of automated control. During the studies the students of the faculty have possibility to get additional education in pre-print as well as to receive a highly-demanded working profession of print worker (with the necessary certificate).

There are several state-sponsored places for students of a number of specialties (Technology of printing production; Publishing machines and automated complexes; Automated systems of data processing and control; Information technologies in design; Information technologies in media industry) – 65 for full-time students and 8 for part-time students. Successful students receive state stipend.

Directions, profiles and specialties of the faculty

Since 2011 the faculty admits applicants for bachelor programme in the following directions:

  1. 261700.62 "Technology of Printing and Packaging Production " (261202)
    profile Technology of Printing Production;
  2. 151000.62 "Technological Machines and Equipment"
    profile Publishing Machines and Automated Complexes (150407)
  3. 230100.62 "Informatics and Computer Engineering"
    profile Automated Systems of Data Processing and Control; (230102)
  4. 230400.62 "Informational Systems and Technologies"
    profile Information Technologies in Design (230203)
    profile Information Technologies in Media Industry (230204)
  5. 080200.62 "Management" profile Industrial Management

The terms of education in bachelor programmes — 4 years for day form of studies and 5 — for part-time and extra-mural.

Forms of education

  • Full-time (for all specialties),
  • part-time (for specialties 261202 and 080502),
  • extra-mural (for specialties 261202 and 080502).

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